Learn how to use our HubSpot integration

Connect your HubSpot account to your Vyte account

Connect your HubSpot account
  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Go to HubSpot integration
  4. Click on "Connect my HubSpot account"
  5. Log into your HubSpot account as you'd normally do
  6. Choose the account you want to connect to your Vyte account
  7. Allow access to Vyte to your HubSpot account
  8. You HubSpot account

How does our HubSpot integration works?

Once an appointment is confirmed from one of your Vyte pages, a new meeting activity is created on HubSpot for the according to contact.

If your guest's email address is already registered in your HubSpot contact list, the HubSpot activity is automatically added to the contact's activities.

If your email address is not registered in your HubSpot contact list, a new contact is automatically created in your HubSpot contacts. The contact information is filled in based on the information collected during the booking process (first name, last name, phone, company). The meeting activity is created when the contact is created.

The HubSpot meeting activity is automatically updated whenever the meeting is changed, rescheduled, and/or canceled.

Check out our HubSpot x Vyte tutorial